Sunday, September 12, 2010


We were accually hitch-hiking to France on a gas station near Basel when we met two other hitch-hikers - Bulgarian boy and Russian girl - Asia and Ivan. They were heading for Rainbow festival in the German mountain Black Forest and after long talking and sharing stories on the gas-station we decided to go with them. The hitchhiking to the place was long and tiring - walking through all Basel, then nice old hippie with camper-van and at the end we hitch-hiked a taxi with two girls going to the festival. The road through the mountain was long, curved but beautiful. As we expected everything was perfect- the grass was green, the horses had perfect hair-styles and the pigs were clean.  The hitch-hiking in Germany was also perfect and everybody speaks English :) 
After walking 3 km we reached the sign Welcome home. Asia and Ivan were already there. Everybody accepted us as family, shared their food and stories with us...People were bare-foot, naked or half-naked, but always wearing a smile :) Most of them practiced Yoga, Thai-Chi, and had many unknown for us rituals. The idea of the festival is to eat only raw food - no bread no any kind of food, processed on over 40 degrees. All the food was raw, mainly vegetables, fruits and seeds. We ate raw corn, raw lentils, and other seeds and nuts, which we had never seen before. According to them, cooked food is 'dead food' poisonous for the body, causing most of the diseases. Indeed raw-fooders looked great, smooth skin, no wrinkles, thick hair and smiling. There were many different people from different countries at different ages ... I was impressed by a 54 years old Canadian guy who had thick long hair, just a few white hair, no wrinkles and no diseases ... There were even children and pregnant women. We stayed 4 days in this wonderful Rainbow family but because of the bad weather we went to southwest France. We hope to visit another Rainbow gathering somewhere else in our travel.

Bulgarian-russian friendship

 german horse Blondie- isn't she cute...

the roads in germany are sooo clean that you want to lie down

nice hair-style :)

good-bye, Ivan, hope to meet you again ;)

sweet german different from bulgarian pigs...

even the pigs house is soo clean :)


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