Friends on the road

Here are some of the friends we met on the road and we hope to meet again somewhere in this world
Our first two-days hitchhiking with Mitre and his friends in Serbia. Thanks, brothers!
With our coleages hitchhikers Ivan from Bulgaria and Asia from Russia, who brouht us in the Rainbow gathering in Germany
With Julien who hosted us in his caravan in Bourdeaux
With Veronica from Polland in the best tapas bar in Granada
With Walid from Casablanca who made us the first dreadlocks
...and the whole group from Casablanca
The roommates of Anis in Marakech
The only girls that picked us in the road in Africa - from Rabat to Casablanca
With Saido in Cafe Clock, Fes, Morocco
With Rashid, who invited us in his village near Oarzzazzate and drove 2 days to there and his brothers

With Ciara and Simone and their beautiful camper with which we crossed all the desert to Senegal. We miss you, friends :)
With Simone in Mauritania, Noahdibou
Lamp from Saint Louise who also helped with the dreads
In Saint Louise with our first hosts in Senegal
With Fatou and Chehk who hosted us almost 2 weeks in Dakar
The Bulgarian good-bye dinner in Dakar
With Johan in his shop in Dakar
With Jennie from the peace corpse in Senegal
The Australian bikers who we met two times in the road in Senegal
With Patrice, Pickie and Johanson who took us with them for 3 days around Kedigou
The super funny hitchhike from Dakar
With Michael from Germany who took us from Senegal to Mali and the Italians we met there
With Natalie and Tim
С Матю на водопада в Бенин

С Джафару- шефа на парк Пенджари, Бенин

С Павел в Уагадугу
С Бенджамин, Лоло и приятелите им в Бобо Диуласо

С Бенджамин и приятелите му, този път в Уагадугу

Хапваме омлет с амиготата от Италия, в Уагадугу
Веселба у Павел и Маржерит в Уагадугу
Човекът, който ни качи на стоп веднъж в Сенегал и веднъж в Того
С пастор Андрей и жена му пред църквата, която строят
С братята в планината под връх Агоу, Того

На гости на фуфу в планината под връх Агоу, Того

и ние помагаме за фуфу-то

С туарезите, които ни качиха в Нигер

С Маянк и приятлите му в Кано, Нигерия

в къщата на раста полицая в Лимбе
С Банту и раста полицая
гангстери от Маруа
С Амаду, който ни подслони в Маруа
международна експедиция - Кала Патар
С Фред по пътя към Лукла

Brothers and sisters from Tsavo, Leh

nice one :) shanti shanti at the Shanti Stupa, Leh

with Eli, Marek and lots of Srinagari people

With Eli and Marek in Srinagar