The Backpacks

Our backpacks are our home. Everything we have is on our back, always, everywhere with us ... These are the things we have now ... some of them we will let things will come...some we use every day, others quite rarely. .. We are trying to reduce our material things ... but still we cannot live without them:

Evgeni's backpack (25kg without food and water):
Tashev Alpinist 20l 100L (the largest)
Tashev Vihren 40l 
Trousers K2 (gave them in Senegal)
Stormberg waterproof jacket
The North Face (east face:) from Kathmandu waterproof trousers
Fila fleece very warm and soft
Tent Cavery Hideway S
Wool socks, hat, gloves, scarf, sweater
PC Fujitsu - Siemens Pi 3525
Mp3 player Samsung (stolen in Senegal)
1 metal bottle for water
Headlight Mammut TX 1
Aluminum cup and pot with lid
Katadyn Vario water filter
Waterproof bag 50l (for electronics)
Camp shower 20 liters (we gave it in Togo) - better swim in the river
Fire steel 
Garmont Cyncro shoes (lost in Markha river in Ladakh)

Lora carries on her back: 
(about 22 kg without food and water)
Backpack Tashev Vihren 70+10 l
Trousers and jacket for snowboarding, the best solution for rain, snow and mountains, light and warm
5-6 light T-shirts 
1 woolen sweater and 1 polar switcher
Book for reading and book for yoga
Hiking shoes, sandals and sneakers (my shoes are too many..I will reduce them...when they are torn)
Winter hat and gloves (already used them more than once)
Two pairs  long pants, one skirt 
2 cotton scarfs - can be used for sheet, for skirt, for scarf, for towel, for bag...
Cup, spoon
7D Canon camera with 3 lenses - 10-22, 24-105 and 70-300 and a flash - the heaviest things in my backpack ... I tried to sell some lenses in Sofia in order to reduce my luggage ... but I failed and decided that I should carry them ...
Film camera Lomo fisheye - for backup, and 3 films (2 color and one B&W)
Drugs: antibiotics, aspirin, analgin, pills against Malaria for one person, some bandages  ... I hope we won't need them...
Half a liter of Rakia ... just in case
Vietnamese straw hat - ideal for rain, sun and good mood:) (We gave it in Marakech)

We leave some things on the way and get new sometimes...


  1. nice job guys
    hey lora & evgni its me khan

  2. Great kit! I wish you much luck and strength carrying those packs around Mother Earth! -Govinda

  3. Браво на Вас, не знам как успявате, но явно е вярно твърдението: " Има ли желание, има и начин". Разгледах всичките ви снимки и съм крайно впечатлена. Още веднъж браво!